Priest Retirement Fund


Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

He spent his life in service to God...

… You can assure his comfort in his senior years

The retired Priests of the Sacred Heart need your support.

Having given their lives in service to God, to the Church and to those in need, our retired brethren are looking to you and me for a small measure of comfort and compassion in their final years. While their spirituality remains strong, the physical stress of aging takes a toll. Some are bedridden. Others suffer from chronic conditions.

To meet their healthcare needs, we have established our Retirement Fund. Please honor these men of faith with your support.

As members of a religious community, the Priests of the Sacred Heart lack retirement and savings accounts of our own, like a parish priest might have. We must provide for our own healthcare, shelter and retirement.

Our Provincial Supervisor estimates that the average cost for caring for one senior priest or brother, including specialized nursing, comes to $135 per day, or roughly $4,000 per month.

Only with your generosity can we attend to their essential healthcare needs so that they may live out their days with grace and dignity.

Your gift will help cover medical care, including prescriptions, doctor visits, hospital stays and more. Our retired priests are counting on your support. We cannot let them down.

In appreciation, these men have pledged to remember you and your intentions in their daily Masses and prayers. When you send your intentions, I hope you will include a heartfelt gift to our Annual Retirement Fund. Please give generously.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus enfold you in his love, and may you truly know God’s blessings of brotherhood and peace.

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

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