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Budget Shortfall!
Will you please help?

Each year we count on Christmas donations for a major share of our annual budget – and this year we fell far short of our goal. Please help us sustain our missions and ministries.

A group of friends has offered to match gifts, by 5 times, to help fund this shortfall. Donations must be received by February 28, 2020.



Special Lenten Masses

During Lent we are called to turn from sin...and return to God. We answer the call with prayer, sacrifice and charity. Let the Priests of the Sacred Heart remember your Lenten intentions in our special Wednesday Masses during Lent. Send your special Lenten intentions.

How You Can Help

Help us spread the love of His Sacred Heart throughout the world.


Let us honor your prayer intentions in our next Novena of Masses.

Cards & Books

Choose from our selection of devotional items.

Prayer Enrollment

Remember your loved ones in our perpetual Masses and prayers.