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Please Help Us in
Our Time of Need

The needs are expanding and we cannot find it in our heart to turn even one person away from our life changing programs. Unexpected emergencies and the impact of the global pandemic are taking a toll on our budget.

A group of friends has offered to match gifts, by 5 times, to help fund this shortfall. Donations must be received by August 28, 2020.


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Monthly Novena

At the beginning of each month, our priests and brothers celebrate a special Novena of Masses in devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in which we honor our benefactors and friends and remember their prayer intentions. We invite you to send your intentions for inclusion in our next monthly Novena of Masses.

How You Can Help

Help us spread the love of His Sacred Heart throughout the world.


Let us honor your prayer intentions in our next Novena of Masses.

Cards & Books

Choose from our selection of devotional items.

Prayer Enrollment

Remember your loved ones in our perpetual Masses and prayers.