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In a world that hungers for justice and peace, we offer ourselves with Christ. Because everyone deserves the opportunity to know the profound love of Jesus.

Our community’s mission is to make known the profound love that Jesus has for all people through prayer, service, social action and outreach among the poor and neglected. We are “prophets of love and servants of reconciliation,” offering ourselves with Christ to a world which hungers for justice and peace.

Global Ministry

We bring God’s love into action through ongoing works of mercy to some of the most challenging missions in the world.

Seminary Education

Knowledge is power. We strengthen the church—and the world—by cultivating future priests.

Support for Retired Priests

For those who have given their lives in service of the Church, we provide them with a warm home, good meals, healthcare, and more.

Support the work of the Priests of the Sacred Heart

Across the globe, people who are less fortunate benefit from our organization’s social action and outreach. With your continued support, our priests and seminarians are able to share the joy of Christ’s divine love, continue to spread devotion to His Sacred Heart and offer comfort to those who rely on our ministries.

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We are prophets of love and servants of reconciliation

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