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Funds Allocation

For every dollar contributed, 87.15% goes toward missionary activities, education and housing for seminarians, and support for our retired priests and brothers. The remaining 12.85% goes to support services, including fundraising, marketing, and development of future donors.

2022-2023 Financial Statement

Our financial statements for the year ending June 30, 2023 were audited by the firm of Clifton Larson Anderson, Certified Public Accountants, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The following is a condensed summary of the financial statements:







Mass Offerings


Charitable Gift Annuities

Total Support

investment return

Investment Income


Unrealized Gains on Investments


Other Income

Total Investment Return
Total Income


Program services

Grants & Stipends to Province


Donor Pastoral Services


Ministerial Services


Sacred Heart Apostolate

Total Program Services

supporting services

Management and General




Total Supporting Services

Total Supporting Services
Total Expenses

The generosity of our benefactors is vital to our work toward expanding the Catholic Church and transforming the world.

Together, we can help heal spiritual poverty.