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February 6, 2024

Planning begins for North American Conference

“Mindful of our responsibility to be stewards of God’s creation and of Pope Francis’ call to safeguard our common home, the North American Councils propose that a joint conference of the US and Canada be held on the threats of climate change and nuclear weapons. The aim of the conference is to deepen our understanding of these existential threats and promote a transformation of heart and mind on these issues.”
The quote is from a joint letter written by Fr. Vien Nguyen, SCJ (US provincial superior), and Fr. Gustave Lulendo, SCJ (Canadian regional superior), introducing the organizing committee for a North American “Dehonian Conference on Climate change and Nuclear Proliferation: Dual Threats to Our Existence.” The committee held its first meeting in Toronto on Wednesday, January 31.
Members of the two entities, novices, candidates, Dehonian Associates, lay leaders of sponsored institutions, staff, collaborators and parishioners will be invited to the conference. The dates and location are being finalized.
“It is easy to think ‘what difference can I make?’ in the face of these interconnected threats to the world,” said Fr. Jack. “We hope that our learning about and discussing these issues will result in a transforming of hearts and minds. Each one of us can make a difference.”
Committee members are pictured here L-R: Fr. Ushindi Kambale Sahani, SCJ, Fr. Jack Kurps, SCJ (chairperson), Lily Ooi (Canada), Fr. Bob Bossie, SCJ, Joe Tyrell (US), Sr. Cathy Bertrand, SSND (conference facilitator), Fr. Peter McKenna, SCJ and Dn. Paul Phong Hoang, SCJ.


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