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January 29, 2024

Catholic Schools Week (with an international twist!)

This week is Catholic Schools Week, with the continuing theme “Catholic Schools: United in Faith and Community.” The theme is a perfect one to describe the continuing exchange experience that unites two of our Dehonian schools: Sacred Heart in Southaven, MS, and São Luiz in Brusque, Brazil. For three weeks in January Brazilian students studied with and simply spent time getting to know their American counterparts at Sacred Heart.
Among the new experiences for the Brazilian students? SNOW! Mississippi’s unusual snowstorm allowed many of the students to see snow for the first time. Back home in Brusque, it is summer, so family and friends were experiencing 90-degree temperatures while the visiting students in Mississippi were throwing snowballs!
After receiving blessings and prayers for safe travels and success in the new school year, the Brazilian students are now headed back home.
This is the second student exchange for the two schools. In June, students from Sacred Heart will once again go to Brusque.


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