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This Week's Prayers

March 24 2018

Blessed Oscar Romero, Bishop and Martyr

Loving God, you called your servant Oscar Romero to be a voice for the voiceless poor, and to give his life as a seed of freedom and a sign of hope: Grant that, inspired by his sacrifice and the example of all the martyrs of El Salvador, we may, without fear, witness to your Word, Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom we offer praise and glory now and forever. Amen

March 25 2018

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Almighty and ever-living God, who as an example of humility for the human race caused our Savior to submit himself to the Cross, help us to bear witness to you by following his example of suffering and make us worthy to share in his resurrection. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen

March 26 2018

Monday of Holy Week

Almighty God, though we often fail in our weaknesses, may we be revived through the Passion of your son, Jesus Christ. Keep us safe that we may humbly celebrate the Paschal Mysteries with purity of mind and body. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen

March 27 2018

Tuesday of Holy Week

Father, may we receive your forgiveness and mercy as we celebrate the passion and death of your Son, Jesus the Lord. We pray that you renew our strength that we may share in your life forever. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen

March 28 2018

Wednesday of Holy Week

God of mercy, in your plan of salvation your Son, Jesus Christ, accepted the cross and freed us from the power of the enemy. Grant us, your servants, that we may attain the grace of the resurrection. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen

March 29 2018

Thursday of Holy Week – Holy Thursday

God our Father, at the Last Supper, your Son, Jesus Christ, gave us His Body and Blood and commanded us to celebrate it as the new and eternal sacrifice. We pray that in this Eucharist we may find the fullness of love and life. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen

March 30 2018

Friday of the Passion of the Lord – Good Friday

O God, who by the Passion of Christ your Son, our Lord, you have saved us all from the death we inherited from sinful Adam, help us to put on the likeness of our Lord in heaven, for he lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen