Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

As scripture tells us, Jesus, the Son of God, was born into poverty. His birth was announced by angels as He was welcomed with gifts and adoration.

Today, you and I continue to welcome Him into our lives as we celebrate His birth in prayer and acts of good will.

During the holiday season, your gifts are especially meaningful to the poor and neglected served by the Priests of the Sacred Heart. You stand with us, in celebration of Christ, to assure the less fortunate that they are blessed by God’s abundant love. Together, the message of His loving compassion is being sent to those most in need of His good news.

Be assured you and your intentions will be remembered in our daily Masses and prayers.

May the most loving Heart of Jesus brighten your heart with His light, as your kindness has done for those in need of His loving grace. May peace and joy be yours during this holy season and throughout the New Year!

Gratefully in Christ,

Father Dominic