All Saints Day All Souls Day

All Saints Day     All Souls Day

“Our life is a continuous dying.  Every moment slips away from us until we have exhausted all the time that God has allotted to us.  Our life is a short series of relations with God, with others, and with ourselves.  Our actions have an almost infinite value if they are done in the grace of Jesus Christ because then they are united to his.”
Fr. Leo John Dehon, SCJ, Daily Notes, March 26, 1868

On this All Saints Day we pray…

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
I give myself to you in life and in death.
I wish now to live only for you
according to the rule set down
in my consecration to you,
so that I can say with St. Paul,
“It is Jesus who lives in me,
it is no longer I who live.”
I desire to die in your love,
and if it pleases your Father,
to die from an excess of that love.
Based upon the “Resolution” concluding Fr. Dehon’s 6th Meditation of the 4th Mystery in his second volume of Crowns of Love for the Sacred Heart. Adaptation by David Schimmel.

Prayer Request

Prayer Request

Let the Priests of the Sacred Heart pray for your loved ones and intentions.

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