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Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

Imagine a Mass without the powerful sounds of a pipe organ supporting the songs. An organ's power can move us to tears. It can console our grief. It can enhance our joy. It is an impressive instrument that can raise our spirits, lift our hearts and minds and inspires lives. 

In the main Chapel of the Sacred Heart Monastery sits a Berghaus Pipe Organ, standing at over 2 1/2 stories high with over 1,500 pipes. It became one of Milwaukee's finest musical instruments when it came home here 1994. 

Would you like to hear the organ in all its glory? Watch this special video prepared by Fr. John Czyzynski, SCJ.

Organ Video

After more than 25 years of faithful daily service, the historic musical treasure will undergo important maintenance this summer. It will get an extensive cleaning and worn mechanical parts will be replaced, all pipes will be fine-tuned and more. The budgeted expenses for these repairs are $90,000.

Friend, can you help? 

Make a gift today to support the maintaining of this extraordinary organ so that we may continue to sing the praises of His Holy Word. 

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Music is a powerful language for the proclamation of the Word of God and a form of expression for the community to pray from the Scriptures. Pope Benedict XVI noted that "for prayer that issues from the Word of God, speech is not enough: music is required." 

Music has long played an important role in the life of the Church, especially in praying, and in responding to God. Your donation, large or small will help to ensure that our Berghaus Pipe Organ continues providing beautiful music at campus liturgies for years to come.

Though these repairs are necessary to maintain use of the organ, they are also very costly. Your tax-deductible donation will help bring back the highest quality sound of the organ and its presence in the Sacred Heart Chapel.

God bless you for sponsoring the restoration of the Berghaus Pipe Organ at the Sacred Heart Chapel. 


Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

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