Help Us in Our Time of Need


Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

As I look ahead into 2023, my heart is heavy with worry.

I pray I can count on your help!

As I prepare for the ever rising electrical and heating bills and other needs coming our way in the next few weeks, I can’t help but worry.

With the uncertainty of the world and many natural disasters taking their toll, there is even more need to help the poor and suffering. These expenses, along with the funds needed to sustain our missionaries abroad and our seminarians and priests at home, must be paid.

I am asking for your help in this time of need. I’m humbly asking for assistance to ease my mind.

The needs of our ministries and missionaries, our senior priests and our seminarians are pressing. Can I count on your generous support to help meet our needs in 2023?

The good news is, a group of friends has offered to match up to $100,000 to help fund this shortfall. If you donate before February 28, 2023, your gift will be worth FIVE TIMES as much.

Like so many families, we can struggle to pay our bills. Every gift will help meet our financial commitments. Every prayer is a blessing.

Once more, please forgive me for sharing my burdens with you. I don’t know where to turn, if not to faithful friends like you who have stood by the Priests of the Sacred Heart in the past. I trust in God and I trust in you. Please let me hear from you soon.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless you and reward you for your kindness. May our loving Lord draw you ever closer to His Most Sacred Heart.

Gratefully in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

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