Help Us in Our Time of Need


Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

Thank you for being a faithful and generous friend to the Priests of the Sacred Heart. Your goodness gives me, along with my fellow priests and brothers, hope in our work to build God’s Reign and Kingdom on Earth.

With the uncertainty of the world and unexpected emergencies, there is even more need to help the poor and suffering. We cannot find it in our hearts to turn even one person away from the life-changing … even life-saving … programs we offer. The expenses are increasing and the funds to sustain our missionaries abroad and our seminarians and priests at home must be paid.

However, I never lose heart. I remain an optimist, trusting in God’s unfailing goodness and also in your generosity.

As I talk with many of our mission’s loyal and kind friends, I know they too are suffering through hard times. I hope there is assurance when I tell them they are remembered in our prayers and Masses.

Please, if you find yourself blessed by God and are able to share your blessings and resources, I ask for your generous support. Like so many families, the Priests of the Sacred Heart struggle to pay our monthly bills.

If you are able to donate before August 26, 2022, your gift will be worth FIVE TIMES as much. A special group of friends has offered to match up to $100,000 to help fund this shortfall.

I don’t know where I can turn, if not to you. Can I count on your gift today?

Through your generous partnership, you are helping the Priests of the Sacred Heart care for our retired priests and brothers, educate men for the priesthood and help the poor and needy in 40 countries around the world.

I do trust in God, and YOU, to help us through this challenge.

God bless and reward you for all you have done. May our loving Lord draw you ever closer to His Most Sacred Heart. Be assured your intentions will be remembered in our prayers.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

P.S. Please give a gift before August 26, 2022 and your gift will be worth FIVE TIMES as much. Can I count on your gift today?

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