Food Plate


Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

God seems to know who will walk with us in our mission. He has led me to you.

I come to you not for myself, but for the babies … for the hungry children who are all but forgotten … for the children ravaged by an aching poverty leaving them malnourished and sick … many even near death.

You have a true love for the Lord. You know we are all called by God to be His hands, His heart, His eyes.

Today I am asking you to answer that call as a partner of the Priests of the Sacred Heart and walk with us in Christ's footsteps, no matter where they lead us.

Can you find it in your heart to help feed, educate and help these children to grow up in a safe home?

So many have never known a single day without suffering. Yet when you look into their eyes you’ll see proof that hope beats in the heart even when the stomach is empty, the body is sick and the possibility of death hovers over them.

And what hope do they have? Hope we will come to love, feed and show them mercy.

Can I count on your generous heart so we can show the starving children that God lives through us … through our compassion … through the food we will feed them?

Here’s what your gift provides:

  • $25 helps feed a child for a week
  • $35 helps feed a child for 2 weeks
  • $50 helps feed a child for a month
  • $100 helps feed a family for a month

So it is with great faith in your humanity that I ask you to send a gift today so children can eat tomorrow.

They ask for so little, they’ve been given even less, yet with your help their life will be forever changed.

May God reward you for your generosity and bless you abundantly with His gifts of faith, hope and peace.Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

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