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Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

America Needs More Good Priests.  You Can Help…

Imagine the emptiness if there wasn’t a spiritual leader in your life – a priest.

A priest moves your heart and soul with words from the pulpit.  He can make you laugh with a story from everyday life that reflects a lesson from the scriptures.  He eases your heartache after losing a loved one.  He is with your family, presiding at baptisms, weddings and other precious occasions.

All of this and more are missing from the lives of people who don’t have a priest.

The sad fact is that today there are not enough priests to serve all of America’s parishes.

I am asking for your help to bring us one step closer to filling the vacancies.  I’m asking you to support our seminary – Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology – so we can continue to reach and train more men who are being called by God.

You have the chance to make a monumental difference in so many lives.  Your support not only benefits everyone at the seminary, it also has an impact on the countless faithful Catholics that these priests of the future will bless, counsel and guide.

Your gifts offset the rising costs of operating our seminary – books and computers, utility and maintenance bills, professor and instructor salaries.  The dollars add up fast.  With your help, we can reduce the need to pass these higher costs on to the seminarians.  (Click here to make your gift.)

Since 1932 we’ve given students a rich, rewarding and rigorous academic program that prepares them for their many and varied responsibilities after graduation.  Today we are proud to be North America’s top seminary for preparing men over the age of 30 for the priesthood.  Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology is the choice for more than 100 men in formation.

When you help us prepare one more priest, you’ll enrich the lives of about 2,000 fellow Catholics.  Yes, it is estimated that there are 2,000 Catholics for every priest in America.  By helping one more priest graduate from our seminary, you’ll help all those faithful souls.  Can you think of a more wonderful, warm and blessed gift!

Please send what you can today to support the priests of the future.  Help them on their journey of service to the Church.  Your kindness and prayers mean so much to so many.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless you with His caring love and grand you His peace, today and always.

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

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P.S. Please pray for our men who are preparing for the priesthood.  When you send me your gift of support for our seminary, please include your prayer intentions so that they will be remembered in the prayers and Masses of the Priests of the Sacred Heart.