“We need the church to be a laboratory of humanization"

“We need the church to be a laboratory of humanization"

Fr. Sergio Rotasperti, SCJ, general communications director, recently did an interview with Bishop José Ornelas Carvalho, SCJ, former superior general of the Priests of the Sacred Heart and now bishop of Setúbal and president of the Portuguese Bishops Conference. The video interview is in Italian, but a summary is available on the general website in English.

“I always wanted to be a priest and missionary,” said the bishop. “But God has always caught me off guard. I am nostalgic for what I left behind, but I accepted everything without bitterness and never got my head in the various roles I took on. Personally, I would have preferred to go on the mission, but the pope asked me to be a missionary here in Setúbal. The mission today is in Europe and a challenge for the Church.”
Asked about his recent comments at the Shrine of Fatima in which he highlighted the role of women, he said that “I think it is important to understand the spirit of the Gospel, the approach to man and woman. At Fatima, I said that the Church must be maternal and paternal. The Church in its masculinity reflects neither creation nor the Gospel. At Fatima we celebrated Mary. How can one put the woman out of the house? She is the image of the Church and she welcomed Jesus.”
He went on to say that “If a person is fragile, we have to care and accompany. God loves us, and loving us is the source of everything. If we are brothers and have difficulties, we must look at each other with love and respect and take care of each other. If judging replaces love, it means that we have not understood the new logic of the Gospel. In debated issues such as the recent one about homosexuality, there are very conflicting positions. I am not worried about that. But we need the Church to be a laboratory of humanization.”
Click here to read the full summary and access the video interview.

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