Vow renewal in Houston

Vow renewal in Houston

Over the weekend Frater Henry Nguyen, SCJ, renewed his vows at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Houston. He is in Texas this summer doing a CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) program in San Antonio. Fra. Henry writes: 

“Fr. Juan Carlos [Castañeda Rojas] received my vows. In Fr. Juan Carlos’ homily, he spoke of treasuring the Word of God and I hope to continue to do that as a Dehonian. As ‘Henry of the Heart of Jesus,’ I strive to bring God’s love to those whom I encounter. This past weekend, I was blessed to be surrounded by family, friends, confreres, and representatives of the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in which I take part as their Sub-Committee Lead of Vocation for the National Executive Committee.

“I will soon be returning to Sacred Heart Monastery to begin my third year of Theology at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, but first, I will continue to see patients as part of my CPE program at CHRISTUS Health System in San Antonio, TX.”

Fra. Henry’s fellow CPE students couldn’t be with him in Houston, so they sent a photo of themselves to remind Fra. Henry that he was in their prayers.

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