Holy Week at OLG

Holy Week at OLG

Frater Henry Nguyen, SCJ, spent Holy Week with the community at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Houston. He wrote about his experience on the province blog.

“Thursday morning, I saw the students of Our Lady of Guadalupe School participate in the Washing of the Feet, where students washed each other’s feet to illustrate what Jesus had done for His disciples,” wrote Fra. Henry. “I saw genuine humbleness from each student as he or she remembered Jesus’ Last Supper.

“What I remembered was that in order to love a little, I must learn to give generously. At night during the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, the presider and concelebrants all partook in the washing of the feet. What was unique was that the entire congregation was invited to have their feet cleaned by the SCJ priests. In turn, several parishioners then washed the feet of the SCJ priests. This experience spoke out to me as Dehon’s faith experience in the openness of love.”

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