Sacred Heart Monastery turns 50!

Sacred Heart Monastery turns 50!

Our beloved Sacred Heart Monastery, home to Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, turns 50 this year!  The building, dedicated in December 1968, is considered a masterpiece of the mid-century architectural movement.   

The building was designed by Henry Slaby who specialized in the design of religious buildings, taking new concepts like glass walls and applying them to Catholic churches, hospitals and monasteries.  Other examples of his work are The Mother of Good Counsel Church in Milwaukee, Holy Family Church in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Belleville, Illinois.  

The most distinctive external feature is the round Sacred Heart Chapel. Its “crown” roof design signifies the reign of the Sacred Heart.  The roof is designed with blue tiles and the crown is made of stainless steel. The six-story structure has a red blinking light to warn airplanes as they approach Mitchell Airport for landing.  Recent remodeling updated the large common area as well as residential rooms.

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