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Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

For children born into extreme poverty, the “hope” they learn about in church is not a concept that they can relate to their own lives.  Having grown up in an environment of hardship, they have no expectations for anything better. 

Education is the best solution to lift these children from lives of despair. You can help the Priests of the Sacred Heart make a real difference when you support our Mission Education Fund.

In my travels to our missions I have met with too many youngsters with sadness in their eyes.  While their families are rich in their devotion to God, they are desperately poor. A typical family of eight might live in a single room with no sanitation. Education for their children is simply an unaffordable luxury.

In most cases, when these children reach their early teens almost all will quit school to help their families by working in the fields or factories…or marrying. (It is sadly common for girls to be married off as young as 13 and have four children by age 18!)  Work opportunities are scarce – and even then, a long day’s pay may come to only $2.00. So the cycle of poverty only continues.

You and I know that no significant change will occur unless children can be educated well enough to qualify for good jobs. Imagine how one educated child can change the fortunes of his or her family, now and for generations to come! When we make it possible for families to afford to educate their children, we make real change possible.

That is why the Priests of the Sacred Heart have launched our Mission Education Fund to help these children get the education they need. We invite your support.

In India, Congo, Vietnam, the Philippines and in other countries throughout the world, we are giving children a chance for a better future through academic, religious and skills education.  It costs so little to make a big difference.

A gift of just $200 will cover grade school tuition for a boy or girl and provide two school uniforms. For $300 a year you can go further and provide secondary education for a teen.  No matter what you can afford at this time, the difference you will make is immeasurable. (Click here to make a donation.)

I ask you to look into your heart, and into the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and be as generous as you can to help these poor children get a solid education...and begin to feel hope in their hearts.

God bless you for your kindness. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless you with His everlasting love.

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

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