Letter from Father Dominic


Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

True devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus takes more than love and piety – it takes courage.

Every time we go to our parish church, we have the opportunity to pour out our love for God in prayer, feeling the presence of Jesus in that sacred environment. At the end of the Mass we are sent out to be the living Gospel we have received. We are called by God to acknowledge the presence of Jesus in the stranger, the homeless, and those whose life choices differ from our own.

You, my friend, answer His call with the courage of your conviction. You bless the poor and needy with your offerings to our ministries. You let them know that they are worthy of God’s love by declaring yours.

Your devotion and courage inspire our work.

On behalf of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, I want to thank you for your kind friendship. Your prayers and generosity enable our priests and brothers to preach the message of Christ’s love and peace throughout the world.

Be assured that you and your intentions will be remembered in our daily Masses and prayers.

May God always grant you the courage to live your devotion to His Sacred Heart. May He smile upon you loving favor.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominic