Letter from Father Dominic


Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

“Standing by the cross of Jesus...” (John 19:25)

Scripture tells us that Jesus did not bear the pain of crucifixion in solitude. Standing by the cross were his disciples, his blessed mother, Mary Magdalene and others who loved him.

This detail of the Easter story touches my heart. In His moments of greatest pain, those who cared for Jesus showed up in support. Let this example inspire us to always be there for our friends who are hurting from illness, fears, sadness or depression. Let them know they are not alone.

In our missionary work, the Priests of the Sacred Heart understand the importance of being a comforting presence to the poor and neglected; to sit with their pain. Your support helps us provide the compassionate care they need.

On behalf of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, I want to thank you for your kind friendship. Your prayers and generosity enable our priests and brothers to preach the message of Christ’s love and peace throughout the world.

Be assured that you and your intentions will be remembered in our daily Masses and prayers.

May the Risen Lord be with you and your loved ones. May you always know the love of His Sacred Heart and reflect His abundant compassion.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominic