Letter from Father Dominic


Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

In the Church’s calendar of saints, the feast of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque is celebrated on October 16. Saint Margaret Mary, to whom Jesus revealed His 12 Promises for Persons Devoted to His Sacred Heart, is considered a patron saint of our Congregation.

The Opening Prayer of the Mass in her honor asks God for the grace that we may “come to know the love of Christ, which surpasses all human understanding.” It is this love which is the foundation of our devotion to the Sacred Heart.

Your kindness to our ministries enables us to transform our devotion into action. Every hungry child, every frightened mother, every homeless family who is helped by our works of mercy blesses you as an apostle of Christ's love.

On behalf of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, I want to thank you for your kind friendship. Your prayers and generosity enable our priests and brothers to preach the message of Christ’s love and peace throughout the world.

Be assured that you and your intentions will be remembered in our daily Masses and prayers.

May you grow every day in the knowledge of God’s love for you. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus always bless you with the grace to love all our brothers and sisters, especially those most in need of His love.

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Dominic