Summer Repairs Gift Match


Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

Help the Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology this summer, and any gift that you give, of any size, can have 5-times the impact!

This summer we are making important renovations to our campus.  We’re adding and upgrading lighting for better security, replacing worn-out signage, installing new pathway benches, landscaping the seminary entrance, and more…with the goal of completing everything before the seminarians return for the new academic year!

These renovations are long overdue and greatly needed.  However, they are costly!

When I saw the estimate, I felt stunned, worried – how can we meet the growing needs of the poor and needy in our missions and also cover these construction and renovation costs?

So I am asking for help from faithful friends like you.  And when you help now, your gift will work five times as hard!

Thanks to a generous “5-times matching gift” from a special group of friends, every dollar you give will be magnified five times.  For example, your gift of $25 will mean $125 to the Priests of the Sacred Heart.

I pray that you will find it in your heart to partner with us this summer on our vital maintenance and repair projects, especially when your generous gift will go five times as far.  Please click here to send your support.

Every prayer and every gift offered in love makes a difference.  May your every act of love and charity return to you as hope, blessing and peace.

Know that you are in my prayers.

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

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P.S. The special 5-times matching pledge expires August 31, 2017.  Please send your most generous gift today!