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Your gift to needy students will be doubled!

Make your Lenten gift today

Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

How can you put more good into the world? 

Many of us honor this special time of Lent with prayer, sacrifice and alms-giving.  We seek to follow the example of Jesus in our daily lives.

During Lent, I ask that we challenge ourselves to grow closer to God by putting more good into the world.  Think about it; what can you do to put more good into the world?

A group of friends of the Sacred Heart have accepted my challenge in a special way.  They are donating money to help desperately poor families in India keep their children in school beyond the primary years.  A year’s tuition, uniforms and supplies cost $300.  Their goal is to support 25 bright students through a year of schooling…

…And they are asking for your help. For every donation that you give to the Mission Education Fund by March 13, they will match it dollar for dollar.  Please act soon!  Click here to give.

Education is vital to breaking the cycle of poverty in rural village in India.  But the expense of schooling puts it out of reach for most families.  As a result, young teenage boys must seek low-wage work in the fields, and girls often are entered into marriage and start families of their own.

The Priests of the Sacred Heart Mission Education Fund was established to change this sad pattern.  With the support of friends like you, youngsters can stay in school longer and prepare for careers that can lift them and their families from poverty.

For example, Ashwathy, who despite her family’s poverty and lack of resources, excelled in every class she studied.  With the help of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, she completed her Bachelor of Commerce last year and is now on her way to becoming a chartered accountant.

Your gift helps other children like Ashwathy achieve their dreams.  And when you give now, your generosity will be doubled.  Your gift of $25 becomes $50.  Your gift of $100 becomes $200.  Your gift of $150 becomes $300…enough to cover an entire year of secondary school expenses for a needy student. Click here to give. 

Remember, every gift you make supports the challenge to give 25 eager young people a year of secondary education.  Please take this opportunity to live your Christian faith and put more good into the world by donating to the Mission Education Fund during this holy season of Lent.

As my personal thanks to you, I will say a special prayer for you on Good Friday.

May Our Risen Lord bring you ever closer to His Sacred Heart.

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

P.S.  The gift of education is a gift that keeps on giving for generations.   Please reach into your heart and support this special Lenten challenge.  Whatever you can offer by March 13 will be matched and received with God’s grace. Click here to give. God bless you! 

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