Project Uplift


Announcing Project Uplift Phase II:  Our most ambitious Monastery renovation project

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Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

I am please to share some exciting news.

We are launching Phase II of Project Uplift, a major multi-year renovation of Sacred Heart Monastery.  When completed, it will modernize the living spaces and attract more men to our seminary.  The future of the Church depends on being able to provide adequate living and learning space for seminarians.

I invite you to join us.

For 50 years, Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology has been home to men preparing to serve the Lord wherever the need is greatest.  In fact, I was one of these men back in 1974.

Now the building is showing its age.  It lacks the modern facilities expected of a place to live and study in the 21st century.  I have every faith that you will be moved to help us in this most important endeavor.

Our goal for this project is $500,000 but we are only at $200,000.  Some friends of the Monastery have offered to match every gift we receive, dollar-for-dollar. Today is the day to do it! 

That means that your $25 gift will be worth $50.  Your $100 gift will be worth $200.  Whatever you choose to give will go twice as far and work twice as hard to rejuvenate our seminary.  Click here to give now.

In Phase II of Project Uplift, residential and student rooms will be upgraded for proper fire safety and remodeled to provide a shared bathroom between rooms, replacing the common lavatories and shower rooms down the hall.  Our electrical system will be brought up to code.  A new elevator will be added to allow emergency personnel to reach someone in crisis on the top floors.

These improvements are costly.  Yet they are necessary.  We need a bright, modern facility that reflects the vitality and excellence of our seminary programs.

Known for its innovation, Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology stands among the major US seminaries preparing candidates for the priesthood.  We need to continue to draw men from across the country – and around the world – to serve Christ and minister to the thousands of Catholics in parishes lacking enough priests.

Most importantly, we need your generosity as we launch this next phase of our extensive overhaul of our facilities.

Please give today when your gift will be doubled by a special matching pledge.  Click here to send a donation now.

Bless you for making it possible for more men to fulfill the Lord’s calling.  The priests of tomorrow will surely appreciate your kindness today.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus always embrace you in His caring love.

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

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