Healing Masses

2011Healing 50 CR

Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

We all know people who are in need of healing.

They may be physically ill, disabled, or enduring spiritual or emotional distress. Perhaps they have undergone surgery. They may even be experiencing the anguish of a family crisis or suffering in the grip of alcohol or drug addiction.

We sympathize with their pain, but struggle to find a way to comfort them. I have found one of the most meaningful things you can do is say, “I will pray for you.”

You and I may never know the depth of their pain. But Jesus does. Nothing can express our concern better than prayer – prayer for the comfort and love that only the Sacred Heart can give.

Every Friday during the month of August, the Priests of the Sacred Heart will celebrate a special Healing Mass asking for God’s healing grace.

At this time we will remember all those in need of healing. In our prayers, they will be commended to His Sacred Heart asking God to send His divine angels to watch over and grant them strength of body, spirit and faith.

I invite you to show how you care through prayer.

Please send me the names of those who are in need of the healing love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I will be honored to remember them each day in our Healing Masses. Please send your prayer intentions today.

May His Sacred Heart bless all who join us in prayer for these special Healing Masses, and may He shower His mercy and love upon those in need of His healing touch.

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

P.S. I also ask that you remember the many sick and needy served by the Priests of the Sacred Heart in our missions throughout the world. Your prayerful gifts bring help, hope and compassion to those who are yearning for Christ’s healing love. Please send your donation today.

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