Mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary

BVM Shrine at POSH Cropped

Mary, model of faith, charity and union with Christ.

Send Your intentions today.

Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

Do you remember the May crownings that we used to participate in when we were younger?

I do.  You see, it was an important part of the church in my neighborhood.  Maybe because we had an outdoor Marian shrine.

The ceremony started inside the church before we processed to the outdoor shrine. The processional was led by a girl from the 8th grade class, dressed in an all-white dress. She had the honor of placing a crown of flowers on the head of the Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary.

One of these events stands out more for me than others because my sister was chosen to lead the procession.  Even though I was a little kid – she was six years older – it left a big impression on me.  She and I still talk about it from time to time, especially at this time of the year.

As Catholics, we all honor and venerate Mary.  We pray to her to help us to intercede to her son, Jesus Christ.

We will be holding a special Mass in honor of Mary on May 4. I invite you to include your intentions in this special mass. We honor Mary because she is the Mother of the Church and she along with her husband, Joseph, raised the Christ-child in a good home.

The Priests of the Sacred Heart also hold a special place for Mary.  Our Priests and Brothers strive to be open to God’s will as Mary was when she said yes to the angel, Gabriel, to be the mother of Jesus. That availability is something that our Founder, Fr. Leo John Dehon tried to model as well.  Our priests do so much to help provide for families in need:

  • Sometimes we allow a child to attend one of schools at no charge
  • We feed the children in our missions
  • We operate abuse shelters for women and children in need
  • So much more

We can only do these things because of your gracious giving. If you would like to help us with a generous donation in the spirit of the Blessed Virgin Mary please do so here.

May Mary’s grace and the blessing of our Lord and Savior shine down upon you!

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

P.S. Please have your intentions to us by May 3. As we honor Mary during this special Mass, we also want to honor your intentions.

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