St. Joseph Day Mass

Saint Joseph

Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

There is much that we can learn from St. Joseph.

In particular, the “silence” of St. Joseph, especially in our busy world with its interruptions and noise, sets a wonderful example of peace and acceptance of God’s will.  Only in that silence was he able to listen to God.

He could have rejected Mary and her unborn child, but instead accepted the will of God and raised the son of God. 

Pope Benedict XVI was particularly devoted to St. Joseph and noted that the silence of St. Joseph demonstrates for us the attitude of total availability to the divine desires – guiding our every thought and action.

Joseph set an example and role-model for Jesus.  Raising the Christ-child along with Mary to adulthood was a big responsibility.   Just like parents today, he provided a good home - he kept both Mary and Jesus safe and away from harm.  Our Priests also follow the example of St. Joseph and have many of our missions and chapels named after him.

On Monday, March 19, we will celebrate a special Mass in honor of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as we honor his devotion to the Holy Family.  Please click here if you would like your intentions to be included in this special Mass. 

When you do, I ask that you also remember the families and children served by the Priests of the Sacred Heart.

The Priests of the Sacred Heart support families and orphaned children both here and overseas.  Your gift now will help us to provide much-needed education, nutritious meals and safe shelter throughout our missions.  If you would like to help us support these families, click here.

Your generosity is always appreciated, especially when we can help families in need.

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

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