Father's Day Novena

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Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

The bible is clear that loving and faithful fathers provide spiritual leadership of the home and are essential to the healthy development of children.  Let us give thanks to God for our earthly fathers who follow the example of our Heavenly Father. 

As we approach Father’s Day, I invite you to pray with me that all fathers will show their children love, accept them unconditionally and encourage them to lead good lives.

Please join me in celebration of fatherhood during our Father’s Day Novena of Masses beginning June 18. 

At this time we will honor those special men who have nurtured us throughout our lives and inspired us with their integrity and wisdom.  Simply send me their names.  It will be my privilege to remember our beloved fathers, living or deceased, in nine days of prayers.  

I also hope that you will remember the many good fathers around the world who desperately need our prayers.      

In more than 40 countries, The Priests of the Sacred Heart minister to fathers who struggle and sacrifice.  Many fight each day to protect their families from poverty, famine and disease.   They dream of giving their children the education needed for a better life…but they cannot afford to do so without the generosity of others.

Will you please join us to help these fathers and their families with an offering today?  Your heartfelt gift of $10, $25, or any amount you can spare will help fund our work to feed and clothe thousands of families and school their children through our ministries.  (Click here to send your gift.)

This Father’s Day let us ask our Lord to bless fathers everywhere and enfold them with His grace that they may always embrace their children with love and joy. 

May our Heavenly Father bless your kindness with His love, and may you and your loved ones know His abiding peace today and always!     

Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ

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