All Souls Masses



Special All Souls Masses every day in November


Dear Friend of the Sacred Heart,

You and I often speak of our “loss” when a loved one dies.

It is true we do lose their physical presence in our lives. They are no longer here to hold or hug. But, are they really lost?

Our faith assures us that death cannot overcome love. The bonds of love which unite us, endure as we are joined with our loved ones in the Communion of Saints. Our loved ones are not lost — they are with God who is love.

It is good for us to recall with gratitude our loved ones with whom we have shared our life.

Yes, we may still experience the sadness of their loss, even after many years. But, we should also recall the joy we had in their presence and the roles they played in our lives.

During the month of November, the Priests of the Sacred Heart recall with love the lives of our deceased priests and brothers, family members and benefactors. Each day we celebrate a special Mass praying for our departed loved ones and all those recommended to our prayers

We would be honored to remember your deceased loved ones in our Masses and daily prayers. I invite you to send me the names of those you have lost in death this past year and anyone you would like prayers for during November.

As we honor and pray for our deceased loved ones, let us honor their memory by remembering the needs of the poor and less fortunate, especially those served by the Priests of the Sacred Heart, in the United States and around the world.

You have been gracious in supporting our ministries through your kind gifts and prayers.

Your help is needed today more than ever to sustain our ministries among the poor and needy and to care for our own retired religious.

Any gift you can offer in faith, whatever you can afford at this time, will make a great difference in the lives of those whom we serve.

May the Sacred Heart bless you with an abiding faith in His promise of eternal life. May Jesus the Lord grant you and your loved ones His lasting peace, and comfort all those who mourn.


Sincerely in the Sacred Heart,

Father Dominic

Father Dominic, SCJ


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